10 Crochet Fashion Trends for Spring and Summer 2024

10 Crochet Fashion Trends for Spring and Summer 2024

🌸 Winter is nearly over, which means Spring and Summer are around the corner. This is great news for us crocheters because it means we can put away those sweater projects for a while—although I do love a good sweater pattern! Now is the time to embrace flowy silhouettes and longer days, crocheting away to your heart's content.

✨In this blog post, I will share 10 Spring and Summer crochet fashion trends that are perfect to make in 2024.

📱To accomplish this, I've scoured Pinterest, social media, and various fashion industry outlets. Additionally, I've drawn from my experience as an artist to pinpoint the trends I believe will truly take off!



Pencil Skirts:

The first trend to crochet this Spring season is pencil skirts, which dominated the runways for Spring and Summer 2024. Despite their corporate vibe, pencil skirts offer great versatility; they can be dressed up or down effortlessly, transitioning seamlessly from day to night. This season, the key is to maintain a simple silhouette on top.

Pair them with plain tank tops or sheer blouses. Sheer pencil skirts have also been trending, offering a fun opportunity to experiment with crochet designs. Whether you prefer longer or shorter skirts, consider adding slits for added flair.

InStyle, Saint Laurent, Reformation (left to right)


ASTR the Label, Farfetch, Shein (left to right)



As a personal enthusiast of pencil skirts, I'm excited to crochet some this season. They're relatively simple to make, making them beginner-friendly for those new to crochet. You can get creative with yarn scraps, opt for a lacy design, or keep it minimalistic—it's all up to you!


Flower Choker:

The next perfect trend to crochet is flower chokers. These statement pieces have been spotted everywhere lately, boasting a bold boho vibe.

While they made appearances last year, I believe they'll blossom even more this Spring—pun intended. Flower chokers are quick to crochet, taking only an hour or two, and they're beginner-friendly. You can enhance them with ribbons and bows, tapping into the ubiquitous bow trend of late.

For more on bows, you can check out my '2024 trend prediction' video where I also share overall trends that will surge this year and the '25 Coquette Aesthetic Patterns' video where I share specific crochet bow patterns to make. 

With flower chokers, you can experiment with styling. For instance, crochet a long strap to wear them as a belt with jeans—a stylish twist on the functional accessory. Stylish belts are definitely in. Additionally, try layering the choker flower necklace with other necklaces, adding beads or pearls for a personalized touch.


Rose Motif: 

🌹The next trend for Spring and Summer 2024 is roses! While roses for Spring may not be a revolutionary concept, they've been gracing runways and flooding social media feeds. So, why not celebrate your feminine side and embrace crocheting something rosy this season?

What's particularly delightful about this trend is the three-dimensional aspect of roses, making it a fun and easy motif to incorporate into crochet projects.

The versatility of this motif allows for a wide range of garments and accessories. Rose-adorned bags and blouses have been particularly popular, but you can also experiment with adding roses of various sizes to any crochet piece you create.

Open Work Crochet:  

If flowers aren't your thing, you might appreciate the next trend I see taking over: open work crochet.

Also known as lace work or lacy open crochet, open work crochet involves using more open stitching compared to tighter or closed stitching techniques.

This style of garment is fantastic because it's breathable, easy to layer, and keeps you cool.

Experiment with mesh designs or lacework—there are numerous stitches you can try to achieve that open work design.


Crochet Polo:

If you prefer a less boho vibe in your crochet ensembles, you might lean towards the next trend: the Crochet Polo.

Polos, of course, never truly go out of style, but this year, we're specifically seeing the oversized polo making waves. Whether thrown on with evening wear or a tailored suit, styled in a traditionally sporty manner or paired with something more feminine to play with the balance of masculinity and femininity in your look.

Read more about the polo trend in Harper's Bazaar and Vogue UKCreating crochet polos means crafting a timeless staple. You can have fun with different fits, opting for a cropped or oversized style. You can even experiment with a polo dress crochet piece.


Crochet Shorts: 

Another trend to explore is crochet shorts! According to Google, the popularity of mini shorts or 'no pants' saw a 196% increase in 2023, and it's predicted to make a comeback this Spring and Summer. The Zoe Report suggests that this Spring will be the season of the hot pant.


@fashionmagazine What do you think of the no pants trend? 👖🚫 #pantlessoutfit #tightsaspants #tightsarepants #miumiu #emmacorrin #fashionmonth #fashiontiktok #ediesedgwick #kendalljenneroutfit #pantless #trendanalysis ♬ r&b loop - BCD studio



While I'm not personally a big fan of the 'no pants' look, I do appreciate a well-styled hot pant, especially when crafted in crochet. I find them to be very classic and chic.

The beauty of crochet shorts lies in the versatility of design. You can experiment with making them more lacy, adding ruffles, or incorporating crochet belts and sequins for added flair.


White Dress:

Here's another timeless trend that never goes out of style: the white dress. This Spring and Summer, midi and maxi dress styles will be particularly prominent.

Crocheting a white dress is a perfect way to create a classic or statement piece. There are numerous styles and designs to explore, allowing you to showcase your creativity and craftsmanship.


Color Blocking: 

The next trend to explore this Spring and Summer is color blocking—a trend based on color schemes. The beauty of this trend lies in its versatility: you can create bold, vibrant color blocking pieces or opt for more minimalist and neutral designs.

For inspiration on color blocking in knitwear, take a look at the trendy pieces crafted by knitwear artist Hope Macaulay.

Big Bag: 

Another trend to embrace this Spring and Summer is big bags. After several seasons of celebrating tiny bags, oversized bags are making a big comeback after many season of the tiny bags being in.

Now is the perfect time to crochet a big hobo bag, make a statement with an oversized tote, or bring to life the bucket bag of your dreams.



Another trend that's really taking off this Spring and Summer is sequins! No longer just reserved for New Year's Eve, sequins effortlessly transition from daytime to nighttime looks.

You can easily embrace this trend by incorporating sequins into your crochet garments and accessories, and don't hesitate to play around with different sizes for added flair.



Well, that wraps up the 10 crochet trends to explore for Spring and Summer! Let me know which crochet trend was your favorite or if you see any other crochet fashion trends on the horizon in the comments below. 

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