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Hi! My name is Sterling Rhyne and I am the founder, instructor, and multidisciplinary artist behind Cactus Lady Creation. I have always loved gardening, working with herbs and crafting. My love of fiber arts began on a trip in upstate New York at a farm outside of Woodstock, where I stayed with a weaver who introduced me to the world of fiber arts. From there my love of fiber arts blossomed from my hobby into a small business. Crafting continues to be a meditative and mindful practice for me.

Over the past few years I have had the honor of leading many workshops throughout the country to hundreds of people, and continue to enjoy leading in-person and online classes so that anyone can learn.

The inspiration behind my work is nature and the cosmos, and I love to add unique findings from my travels into my creations. Each and every one of the materials used in my pieces are very mindfully sourced. Please follow along on Instagram, YouTube, or join the Cactus Lady Creation tribe by signing up for the mailing list.