20 Easter Crochet Patterns | FREE & Beginner Friendly

20 Easter Crochet Patterns | FREE & Beginner Friendly

Can you believe it is that time of the year again? The time for dyeing eggs or hiding them in the backyard for a little Easter egg hunt. Easter is nearly here, so in this video I will be sharing 20 quick and easy patterns that are perfect to make for Easter. 

I will break these patterns up into three different sections: Home Decor, Religious, and Amigurumi. And all of the exact links to all of the patterns can be found linked below each photo. Many of these patterns are beginner friendly and can be made in one or two crocheting sessions, allowing enough time for them to be enjoyed this Easter holiday and many to come. 




Home Decor: 

Carrot Candy Bag by Crafty Braam, see the full pattern here

First is the Carrot Candy Bag by Crafty Braam. This is a really simple pattern that you could easily whip up in one craft session and you only need to know basic stitches. It is worked in the round to create and is about 18 cm from top to bottom and 10 cm from the opening to the very top, and this pattern would be perfect for holding little candies or chocolate eggs. 


Sunny Side Up Potholder by Garn Studio, see the full pattern here


Another really whimsical piece to make is this Sunny Side Up Potholder by Garn Studio. The total measurements are 22 cm or 8 3/4 inches in diameter. I thought this would be perfect as an Easter themed kitchen decor but could also be used any time of the year, and this one is also worked in the round and pretty quick to create.


Easter Basket by Crochet 365 Knit Too, see the full pattern here

What would Easter be without a basket? So you could crochet an Easter basket like this pattern by Crochet 365 Knit Too. The basket measures about 9 inches or 23 cm tall and 4 inches or 10 cm for the handle. The diameter of the bag is about 6.5 inches or 16.5 cm, and this pattern has some nice patterns in it like to use a pipe cleaner when working the handle of the basket so that it can hold its rounded shape.


Easter Lily by Moogly Blog, see the full pattern here

Or you could make a lovely Easter Lily like this pattern by Moogly Blog. To create this one you first create the stamens, then petals, the trumpet and trumpet cap. The finished flower is about 7.5 inches or 19 cm wide and only takes about a few hours to make. I feel like this flower could be fun to make a little bouquet with. 


Bunny Pillow by One Dog Woof, see the pattern here

This next one is really fun. It’s the dapper Bunny Pillow by One Dog Woof. This one is worked up with super bulky yarn so it will work up pretty quick. It measures about 14 inches or 35. 5cm by 17 inches or 43cm tall. This one would be really fun to decorate your sofa with for Easter or would make a lovely gift. 


Bunny Egg Basket by Yarnspirations, see the full pattern here

This next one is a bunny egg basket by Yarnspirations. This basket measure about 23 inches or 58.5 cm around and is 6 1/2 inches or 16.5 cm high excluding the handle. The basket is worked in rounds and you need to be comfortable as well with color work for this piece so it is more intermediate level. I love the little pom poms that are used for the little tails on this design. 

*And this one would be perfect to use as an easter egg hunt basket or for picking and displaying flowers in. 

Hippity Hop Blanket by Yarnspirations, see the pattern here

A great blanket to make would be this Hippity Hop Bunny Blanket by Yarnspirations. The blanket measures about 26 by 33 inches or 66 by 84 cm. It is made using basic stitches and decreasing stitches so it’s pretty quick and easy to whip up. To make it, the bunny head is worked in rounds, then the blanket is worked in rows. The bunny ears are made separately then sewn to the head. This one is nice and small so perfect for a little throw or statement blanket. 


Easter Bunny Garland by Yarnspirations, see the full pattern here
Make a Easter Bunny Garland like this one by Yarnspirations. This one is a bit more intermediate as it requires the fphdc, puff stitch and sc2tog to create. Each bunny is 7 by 5 inches or 18 by 13 cm and the bunting is 4 ft 2 inches or 127 cm when measured flat. This one would be perfect for any Easter parties among your spring decor. You could easily use it to decorate a wall or mantle. 


Lace Bible Cover by Kristen Holloway Designs, see the full pattern here

First is this lovely lace bible cover design by Kristen Holloway Designs. It measures 9 .5 by 13.5 inches or 24 by 34 cm, and the pattern includes a diagram which is very helpful if you like diagrams. There are also inside pocket panels in this design which is really lovely. There are details on how to adjust this design to customize the size and make it bigger if you would like. 


Lace Cross by Maggie's Crochet, see the pattern here

Next is the lace cross by Maggie’s Crochet. I love lace motifs and thought this pattern was really beautiful. It measures 4.5 inches wide by 5 inches tall or 11.5 cm wide by 13 cm tall. It is made with really thin cotton thread to make that delicate lacy effect. There are some helpful tips on how to stiffen the fabric to finish this piece off. I think it would be great to use as a bookmark or to display as decoration somewhere like on the wall. 


Crochet Rosary by Little House in the Suburbs, see the pattern here

You could also crochet a rosary like this one by little house in the suburbs. This one is also beginner friendly as you only need to know how to make a puff stitch and basic stitches. This pattern is in English and Spanish as well which is really helpful. 


Cross Bookmark by Karen's Variety, see the pattern here

Another great one to make would be this Cross Bookmark by Karen’s Variety. This one is a bit more intermediate because it does use quite thin thread and uses basic stitches as well as the picot stitch and shell stitch. This one would definitely be worth it as it creates such a beautiful lacy design. 


Blessed Blanket by Eye Love Knots, see the full pattern here

This Blessed Blanket by Eye Love Knots would also be lovely to make. For this pattern you use the C2C, but they also use an untraditional method to create it, and there is a helpful chart for this one. You only need to know the sc, hdc and dc to make it, and it measures 37 inches wide by 43 inches tall or 94 cm by 109 cm. This blanket took the maker about 21.5 hours to create it so this one would definitely take multiple crafting sessions to make. 


Cross Wall Hanging by Desert Blossom Crafts, see the written pattern here

Or make a nice tapestry like this Easter Cross Wall Hanging by Desert Blossom Crafts. This one uses the tapestry crochet method, so you’ll definitely need to be comfortable with switching colors. It measures 10 inches wide by 13 inches tall or 25.5 cm by 33 cm. There are instructions on how to make it with and without fringe. This pattern also has a helpful YouTube video tutorial. 



Bunny Basket by Yarnspirations, see the full pattern here

First is this bunny basket by Yarnspirations. The basket measures 9 inches or 23 cm tall and only requires basic stitches to make. You mainly need to be comfortable working in continuous rounds and then working the handle in rows, then make the bunny ears in the round. Stuffing isn’t required, but making pom pots and a little embroidery is, and the continuous rounds are where you don’t end each round with a sl st but simply continue working the next round in that first stitch. A stitch marker is really great at helping with this. 


Easter Bunny by Amigurumi Food, see the full pattern here

Another bunny themed piece you could make is this Easter bunny by Amigurumi Food. You need to be comfortable with increasing, decreasing and working a bobble stitch and in the blo. Also you do need to do some embroidery for the nose and whiskers, as well as some safety eyes to finish the little bunny off. 


Easter Eggs by Crochet 365 Knit Too, see the full pattern here

I also love these Easter Eggs by Crochet 365 Knit Too.  These are pretty quick to whip up and are worked in the round. These would be perfect to use up all of your little yarn scraps to make. You could also stuff the eggs with little bits of yarn scraps to get more milage out of those little scraps. 


Embroidered Eggs by Zeens & Roger, see the full pattern here

Or you could also make some Embroidered Easter Eggs like these ones by Zeens and Roger. This one is made in the round and then using a darning needle to make some French knots to create the flower centers and then some chain stitches for the petals and leaves. This one could be a fun one to create if you want to get into combining crochet with embroidery.


Lily the Easter Lamb by Lemon Yarn Creations via Hobbii, see the pattern here.

You could also make a fun lamb like the Lily the Easter Lamb by Hobbii. This one is a bit more intermediate as the special stitches used are the fp and bpdc, flo and blo, 3 hdc puff stitch, and increase and decrease stitches.

This pattern includes instructions on how to make the basket, handle a little lamb and the easter eggs. The size is about 22 cm or 8.5 inches. I love the little details on this one from the basket weave design effect in that basket to the little embroidered details on the egg. 


Decorative Balls by Tine Summer Hansen, see the full pattern here

Or if you want a smaller quick piece, you could make these decorative balls by Tine Summer Hansen. These would be perfect to display in a vase with other flowers or on a platter. They are made in the round, and this pattern has helpful pictures to help with each step. There are two different sizes one that is 1 inches or 2.5 cm and the other is 1.5 inches or 3.8 cm in diameter. This one would be a great one to use up scraps for as well, as they only use about 3 to 6 grams of yarn depending on the size that you create. 


🐣 Which Easter crochet pattern do you like the most? Let me know in the comments below.

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