Embrace your Femininity through Coquette Aesthetic with 25 Crochet Patterns

Embrace your Femininity through Coquette Aesthetic with 25 Crochet Patterns

You really can’t go far these days on social media without seeing one this aesthetic everywhere, and that is Coquette. What is Coquette? 🎀💝 

Or I love how it explains coquette on vocabulary.com it says ..."it is borrowed into English from French in the mid 17th century. It’s the feminine diminutive form of coq, which means “cock, a male bird” so coquette refers to a little female bird. It’s also the name of a colorful hummingbird found in Latin America. So imagine a coquette as a flamboyant bird flirting about and teasing the male birds."

Coquette is a flirty, soft, hyper feminine style which references the Regency Era. It’s romantic and nostalgic, Lana Del Rey is a big icon of this aesthetic and I would even say that Bridgerton has a lot of impact in popularizing this aesthetic. 

Lots of lace, silk, feminine colors, and soft textiles are embraced and because of that crochet is the perfect art form to embrace this aesthetic.


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Lana Del Rey (sourced on Pinterest)

Bridgerton (sourced on Pinterest)

Maya Ventour, Hannah Ruth Zander, Hope Macaulay

Bottega Noctuae, 42Lolita, MoonChainCrochet


So in this blog post I will share 25 crochet coquette patterns to create to embrace this aesthetic and I will separate them into 5 different categories: Accessories, Tops, Sweaters, Bags and Bows. 

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💝 Being delicate, charming, and exuding a playful elegance with Coquette-Inspired embellishments are the secret ingredients to transforming any ensemble into a visual poetry of femininity.

Dainty lace headbands, pearl accents, and whimsical handbags – each piece intricately designed to add a touch of flirtatious flair to your style. 🎀💖✨


Lace Headband by Barefoot Life Art, see the full pattern here

Embrace timeless elegance with Barefoot Life Art's lace headband, a 15-inch marvel of delicate craftsmanship. This piece, is created with basic stitches, as well as the picot and shell stitch. I love how this pattern has a very simple and delicate style to it!



Love Balaclava by Mermaids Yarns, see the full pattern here.  

Or stay warm and embrace Coquette aesthetic with this Love Balaclava by Mermaids Yarns. This pattern has 3 different sizes and uses basic stitches as you only need to know how to chain, slip stitch and work a sc. There are plenty of photos and graphics to assist with creating it and this pattern uses the tapestry method to make the graphic design. 


Heart Sleep Mask by Bella Coco, see the full pattern here

Make something cutesy like this heart sleep mask by Bella Coco. The completed size is 23 cm by 9 cm. To make it you just need to know how to chain, single crochet and single crochet 2 together in US terms but the pattern is in UK terms.

To create it you work the mask vertically creating that heart design, and the chain 1 at the beginning of each row does not count as a stitch. It is made of two panels which helps with making sure that no light is let in. And there is also a right hand and left handed video tutorial which is very helpful for all of my left handed crochet friends out there. 


Delilah Gloves by Azora's Shop, see the full pattern here

Keep you hands warm, but remain cute with some fingerless gloves like these Delilah fingerless gloves by AzorasShop. This is a made to measure pattern which is cool if you are making it for yourself and it uses basic stitches as well as the single crochet in the back loop only and half double crochet in the back loop only.

I really love the ruffles with this one and you definitely should add the bow to really perfect that coquette aesthetic vibe. 


Floral Lace Headband by Made by Corall, see the full pattern here

Or make a lace headband like this one by Made by Corall. It is made with basic stitches and was rated an intermediate level but has lots of pictures so could definitely be tackled by a confident beginner, so if you want a nice lacey accessory this is definitely a good one to make. 



🌹 Step into the romantic realm of Coquette Aesthetic with the dreamy collection of tops and blouses that epitomize grace and charm! Imagine garments adorned with delicate lace, soft ruffles, and subtle floral accents, each piece designed to capture the essence of flirtatious femininity.

From peek-a-boo peplums whispering sweet nothings to blouses boasting intricate details, these Coquette-Inspired crochet patterns invite you to embrace a style that effortlessly merges sophistication with a playful spirit!






 Quiet Moon Top by Azora's Shop, see the full pattern here.

First is this Quiet Moon Top by Azora's Shop. This one is made to measure and is perfect for advanced beginner or intermediate. That neckline screams coquette to me as well as the bows and little edging with an accent color. This design is also reversible which is really fun!


Amanda Top by Crochet Corner PH, see the full pattern here

You could also make the Amanda Top by Crochet Corner Ph. This one is made to measure and the special stitches are the popcorn stitch and textured lemon peel stitch which creates the lovely 3D heart and flower details.

The ribbon details really execute that coquette style and the this one is really customizable - you can make it into tube top, basic top, peplum, or dress. 


Fairy Floss Top by Azora's Shop, see the full pattern here

Here is another fun top you can make by Azora’s Shop. This one is made to measure and makes a perfect layering piece to add a Coquette Aesthetic charm to your outfit with the bow details. Also the texture of the mohair yarn use makes it feel really lacey, delicate and flirty. 


I Heart you Crop Top by Crochet with Carrie, see the full pattern here

Make a crop top like the I Heart You top by Crochet with Carrie. This piece includes sizes Small to 2XL. It uses Friends Wheel yarn by Hobbii, and the great thing is you can customize the crop top to your desired length. 


Astana Top by The Crocheting, see the full pattern here

There’s nothing that screams Coquette Aesthetic more than bows so here is a bow top called the Astana Top by The Crocheting. It’s perfect to wear as is for summer weather or as a layering piece during other seasons. It is made with adjustable straps and there is an option to have a video tutorial on their website. 



🌷 Alright, gorgeous, let's talk about spicing up those flirty dresses with a dash of cozy sass! Imagine snuggling into sweaters that scream, "I'm cute, but don't mess with me." Ready to slay the Coquette game? Buckle up because I've got some crochet patterns that will turn your winter wardrobe into a flirtatious wonderland.

From lacy vibes to intricate details, these sweaters are here to say, "Who said warmth can't be fabulous?" Get ready to own those chilly days, in a style that's as snug as it is sassy!


Big Bow Cardigan by Interweave, see the full pattern here.  

First is the Big Bow Cardigan by Interweave. This projects is beginner friendly and has a built in scarf that can be tied in a bow. The jacket is constructed from side to side starting with the right sleeve. The sleeves are worked without shaping. There is an asymmetrical closure that adds interest and the pattern has sizes XS to XL. 


Big Bow Cardigan by Knits by Knots, see full pattern here

You can also create a sweater that celebrates a bow like the Big Bow Cardigan by KnitsnKnots. This pattern includes sizes XS to 5XL. It’s mainly created by working the moss stitch where you single crochet and chain 1 and each row is alternated so the single crochet is in the chain 1 space of the previous row.

To make it you create two separate back pieces that are then joined to create the back cut-out. Then work the rest of the back panel in back and forth rows until you reach the desired length. The front sweater is worked into two symmetrical sections to make the v neck that are then joined at the base of the v neck. Then seam the sides and work the sleeves from the bottom up joined in rounds then seam to the body and the bow is worked last and sewn across the cut out on the lower back. 

Although this is a holiday specific pattern I feel like it is perfect for Valentine’s day and has a very Coquette Aesthetic vibe in general. 


Bow Blouse Madonna by TS Crochet Design, see the full pattern here

This Bow Blouse Madonna Sweater by TS Crochet Design is cozy and elegant. This pattern is beginner friendly and is in multiple languages and includes sizes XS to 5XL. It’s also very versatile you can dress it up or down depending on the occasion. 


Blocks & Bows Cardigan by Katr Crochet, see the full pattern here

You can also make a Blocks and Bows Cardigan by Katr Crochet. This pattern is made to measure and is size inclusive as a result since you can make it to specifically fit you.

It can also be customized to either be thick and fluffy or thinner depending on the look you are wanting to go for, so you can substitute the yarn accordingly for this. 


Evie Cardigan by The Crocheting, see the full pattern here

Another great coquette cardigan is this Evie Cardigan by The Crocheting, which is a flowy cardigan with bow appliqué. This one has lots of sizing and gauge assistance as well as has detailed instructions for assembly, so it would definitely be more beginner friendly. 

All My Heart Jumper by Ana D, see the full pattern here

I also liked this graphic All my Heart Jumper by Ana D. This one is a bit more intermediate and I love the graphic heart design here. This one would also be a great one to make with Valentine’s day around the corner. 



🎀👛 From dainty clutches to bow cross body bags, each crochet pattern in this collection is a testament to the art of crafting elegance.

I'm thrilled to share these creations that will not only carry your essentials but also elevate your style to new heights!

Bow Pochette by Drea Crochet's Shop, see the full pattern here

First is the Bow Pochette purse by Drea Crochet’s Shop. This pattern includes picture guides as well as written instructions and is advanced beginner or intermediate level to make.

The finished bag measures 6.5 inches x 10 inches with a 25 inch strap, and if you make it with red, pink pastels, beige or cream it would perfectly execute that coquette aesthetic. 


 Big Bow Bag by Devout Hand Studio, see the full pattern here

It would be great to make a Big Bow Bag by Devout Hand Studio. The stitches that are used are double crochet, slip stitch, and half double crochet increase and decrease.

To construct it you make two panels front and back and one long strap that’ll be used to attach the two panels and a big bow. This can be worn as a tote bag or a crossbody bag as well. 

Cinta Bag by Kelli Xtudio, see the full pattern here

A really popular bag I’ve seen everywhere on Pinterest and Instagram is this Cinta Bag by Kellii Xtudio. This pattern is beginner friendly and has step by step instructions with pictures and videos, and I love this design because it laces up like a corset so it's nice and flirty! 

Beau Bag by Material Grrrrlz, see the full pattern here

This next one is so fun it’s the Beau Bag which is in the Material Grrrlz zine from March/April 2023 edition. To create it they made the ribbon then tied it into a bow, and crocheted around it to create the large square which is very clever. Then they connect the two panels together with a strap.

I love the material girls zines in general for a bit of inspiration or guidance on what to make for your next crochet or knitting project! 


Flower Pouch by Ellie's Plushies, see the full pattern here

Make the Flower Pouch by Ellies Plushies. To make this pouch you use the Tunisian Crochet Stitch (TSS), which is why I said it is more of an intermediate pattern but if you are a confident beginner it would definitely be a good one to level up your skills on! I absolutely love the little delicate flower details, and this pattern has links to lots of videos to help explain the written pattern. 



🎀 Get ready to unleash your inner flirt with this fabulous collection of crochet bow patterns – because, let's be real, there's no such thing as too many bows! 🎀 Picture this: bows adorning everything from head to toe, because life's too short for subtlety, darling.

From chic hair accessories to playful embellishments, these crochet patterns are your ticket to a world where bows reign supreme.

It's all about bows, bows, and more bows, because why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Grab your yarn, channel your flirtatious spirit, and let's crochet a world where every day is a bow-tiful celebration!



Crochet Bows by Lill Ellis, see the full pattern here.  

First are these Crochet Bows by Lill Eliis. The great thing is this pattern includes three different sizes. The small one is 3 cm by 2 cm, the medium is 4.5 cm by 3 cm, and the large is 5 cm by 3.5 cm. This pattern is in English and in Hungarian. And it uses the slip stitch, chain and single crochet to create. There are also pictures and a helpful video tutorial as well.


Big Red Bow by Repeat Crafter Me, full pattern here

Or make a Big Bow like this one by Repeat Crafter Me. It measures 9 inches long by 7 inches tall and just uses basic stitches to create. There are also lots of pictures and a video tutorial with this one as well. 

3D Bow by Maisie and Ruth, see the full pattern here

Add a pop of drama to your crochet creations with the fabulous 3D bow pattern by Maisie and Ruth! Measuring at 5 inches by 2.5 inches (12.5 cm by 6.25 cm), this bow is a game-changer in the world of crochet embellishments. Crafted using basic stitches, Maisie and Ruth have turned simplicity into a statement. 
Bow by Knot Badami, see the full pattern here

🌀 Dive into the whimsical world of crochet with the Curly Fun Bow by Knot Badami – because who said bows can't have a little fun? This playful pattern brings you not one, not two, but three different sizes of adorable curls, measuring 3, 4, and 5 inches wide. Knot Badami makes it easy and breezy with a pattern that's as versatile as it is cute. Crafted in the same delightful way, these curly bows allow you to play with sizes, and you can make it bigger or smaller by working increase or decrease rows with a flick of your crochet hook!🌀🎀
And that's my collection of 25 Coquette Flirty and Fun Aesthetic Crochet Patterns! I hope you found inspiration for your own pieces and how to give your projects a coquette charm. If you enjoyed this collection, don't forget to share your favorite pattern in the comments below—I'd love to hear from you!

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🎀 Thanks for stitching along and I hope to have you crafting along in the next one! 

XOXO Sterling 


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