25 Best Patterns for Travelers & Digital Nomads ✈️🌍

25 Best Patterns for Travelers & Digital Nomads ✈️🌍

My nomadic lifestyle as an artist beckons me to constantly seek new inspirations, and in the midst of this journey, crochet has become my steadfast companion. Crochet is so great because it's portable, all you need is a hook and some yarn to make some fun creations! 

In the near future I have quite a few travels planned and in the midst of planning I've discovered a treasure trove of crochet patterns that not only embrace the essence of wanderlust but also enhance the practicality of life on the move.

From pieces that can offer a bit of coziness in hectic airport terminals to the practicality of well-designed luggage accessories, crochet has the power to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Each of these patterns will be shared in four different categories: Cozy at the Airport, Luggage & Bags, Beach Destination, and Digital Nomad. 

So I invite you to join me in unveiling 25 crochet patterns that are perfect to make if you are a traveler yourself or want to gift something special for the digital nomads in your life. Beyond their utilitarian appeal, many of these pieces double as heartfelt gifts, making them the perfect embodiment of functional art!


Cozy At the Airport:

Navigating the bustling terminals and endless queues at airports becomes a more pleasant journey when you have a touch of handmade warmth by your side. In the whirlwind of travel, finding solace in the familiar embrace of crochet is not just a creative endeavor but a practical one.

Join me as we explore a collection of crochet patterns designed specifically to add comfort and coziness to your airport experience! From stylish shawls to snugly slippers, these creations are an embodiment of the comfort you carry with you, making every layover and idle moment the potential to be a time for relaxation, warmth and even comfort. 


Travel Pillow by Heart Hook Home, see the full pattern here

For the jetsetter yearning for comfort on long flights, a pillow is a must-crochet masterpiece and I love this Wanderlust Pillow by Heart Hook Home pattern. Crafted with the luxuriously soft Red Heart Amore yarn, this travel pillow promises a touch of home wherever your adventures take you.

What sets this design apart is the thoughtful addition of a charming button detail, ensuring your pillow stays snugly attached to your luggage during the whirlwind of travel. The pattern, elegantly worked in the round, makes for a straightforward yet immensely rewarding project. Simply stuff it with poly fil, and you'll be cradling handmade comfort on your journeys. And for the eco-conscious crafter, consider using old blankets or yarn scraps to stuff your pillow into a personalized upcycled version, adding a touch of sustainability to your travel ensemble.


Friendship Pocket Wrap by Merri Purdy, see the full pattern here.  

In the realm of airport coziness, the Friendship Pocket Wrap by Merri Purdy emerges as a delightful fusion of shawl elegance and blanket comfort. With dimensions measuring 60 inches in length and 20 inches in width, this creation is your passport to wearable warmth.

I personally believe that shawls are essentially public-approved blankets, so they are truly travel must haves in my book! This pattern introduces special stitches, including the alluring star stitch and the crossed double crochet stitch. The crafting journey unfolds by first creating two charming pockets, followed by the body, a carefully detailed border edge, and finally, the playful addition of tassels. For those who prefer a more extended embrace of warmth, this pattern generously offers instructions on how to elongate the wrap, ensuring it doubles seamlessly as a blanket for those chilly travel moments.


Crochet Socks by Briana K Designs, see the full pattern here

For those seeking warmth for your feet, the Simple Crochet Socks by Briana K Designs offer a snug and customizable embrace. Worked from the toe up, this design provides the unique advantage of trying on the sock as you crochet, allowing for real-time adjustments and ensuring the perfect fit for your foot.

The brilliance of these socks lies in the use of the split single crochet, also known as the waistcoat stitch, creating a dense and cozy fabric. Beyond the stitch, Briana K Designs generously imparts tips on measuring each part of the foot and leg, empowering crafters to determine their exact size and desired length. 


Magic Slippers by Crochet Dreams, see the full pattern here

Step into comfort with the magic slippers by Crochet Dreams, a design that seamlessly marries coziness with a touch of knit-like sophistication. Featuring the unique half double crochet slip stitch, these slippers not only boast a delightful stitch pattern but also promise a snug fit that's both stylish and warm.

Crafting these blissful slippers involves creating a rectangular panel, expertly folding, and skillfully sewing them together—a creative process that transforms simple materials into a cozy haven for your feet. I love the elegant button detail accent piece, adding a touch of flair to your every step. To guide you through the crafting journey, the pattern generously offers a video tutorial on the folding and sewing process, making it accessible even for beginners and includes sizes ranging from US Women's 5 to 10. 

Sweet Dreams Mask by Love Crafts, see the pattern here

In the hustle and bustle of travel, finding a moment of serene rest can be a challenge. Enter the Sweet Dreams Mask by Love Crafts—a delightful accessory designed to filter out the light and whisk you away to a world of tranquil naps. Measuring at 16.5 cm wide and 7 cm deep, this adorable eye mask combines functionality with charm.

Crafted using basic stitches, the creation process involves fashioning the body and then effortlessly adding the straps. To enhance the snug fit, consider sewing elastic on the wrong sides, ensuring that your mask stays securely in place, cocooning you in darkness for a peaceful escape during your travels.



As the thrill of exploration beckons, why not travel in style with handmade accents for your luggage and baggage? In this section, I'll share some crochet patterns that transform the functional into the fashionable, ensuring your travel essentials are an extension of your creative spirit! From luggage tags that speak volumes about your personality to intricately designed baggage accessories, these patterns will elevate your travel ensemble!


Passport Pouch by Church Mouse Yarns, see the full pattern here

Embark on your travels with an earthy touch of elegance courtesy of the Passport Pouch by Church Mouse Yarns. This delightful creation, adorned with raffia yarn, exudes a natural charm that adds a natural touch to your journey. I love the button detail on this pattern and really feel that it elevates this pouch beyond functionality to a stylish travel accessory. While this pattern is a paid treasure, the investment goes beyond personal use—it doubles as a delightful gift, crafted with love.

The flat and easily transportable design, paired with its perfect size, make it an ideal companion for essentials on the go!


Passport Cover by Lena Gobelena, see the full pattern here

For a passport that deserves an extra layer of protection and a touch of elegance, look no further than Lena Gobelena's exquisite Passport Cover. The delicate lacey details that adorn this cover add a layer of sophistication to your essential travel document. Despite its intricate appearance, this pattern is thoughtfully designed to be easy and beginner-friendly, utilizing only basic stitches.

What makes this creation even more accessible is the inclusion of detailed illustrations and photos at each step, ensuring that crafters of all levels can create this lacey accessory.


Water Bottle Holder by Sarah Maker, see the full pattern here

Quench your thirst for both style and sustainability with Sarah Maker's ingenious Water Bottle Holder. Crafted for the eco-conscious traveler, this pattern not only encourages the use of reusable water bottles but also equips you with a stylish holder to keep hydration close at hand. Ideal for those who prefer to avoid the environmental toll of single-use plastic, this holder becomes your steadfast companion on every adventure.

Sarah's thoughtful pattern provides flexibility, allowing you to adjust the size to accommodate bottles of varying widths. The use of basic stitches, coupled with sc inc and sl st blo dec stitches, ensures that crafters of all skill levels can effortlessly create this travel essential. The bottom, crafted in spiral rounds, seamlessly merges with the joined-in-the-round body, offering a sturdy and stylish solution to keep your hydration within reach.

Luggage Tag by Jayda InStitches, see the full pattern video tutorial here

In a sea of similar suitcases, make a statement with Jayda InStitches' charming Luggage Tag—a tiny creation with a big impact. Perfect for adding a personal touch to your travel gear, this pattern utilizes basic stitches, making it accessible for all skill levels. The accompanying YouTube video, acts as a guiding hand through the crafting process, ensuring a smooth journey for every crafter. The great thing about this project as well is the ability to transform scrap yarns into a distinctive identifier for your belongings since not much yarn is required to make it!


Crossbody Bag by CAAB Crochet, see the full pattern here

Elevate your travel ensemble with the fashionable yet practical Crossbody Bag by CAAB Crochet. Crafted with Lion Brand For the Home Cording yarn, this piece boasts durability, smoothness, and minimal stretch—perfect attributes for a trusty travel companion. The yarn's excellent stitch definition ensures a seamless and polished finish with no holes in the piece as you work. What sets this pattern apart is the inclusion of a buckle strap and zipper, adding a touch of sophistication to its design.

Measuring at 8 ½” wide x 5 ½” tall x 1 ½” deep, this crossbody bag is a compact powerhouse of functionality. The crafting process, relying on basic stitches, involves creating both panels, a pocket panel, the sides, and seamlessly adding a zipper and strap with a buckle. For visual learners, the pattern generously includes plenty of pictures, making this stylish accessory an attainable project for crafters of various skill levels.



Makeup Bag by Hobbii see the pattern here

Elevate your cosmetic routine with a touch of handmade elegance by crafting the Makeup Bag designed by Hobbii. This stylish accessory, measuring a compact 23 by 14 cm or 9 by 5.5 inches, offers the perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication. Utilizing basic stitches, this makeup bag is a breeze to create, with the crafting process cleverly worked in the round, building up both sides simultaneously with rows of sc and long single crochet until it reaches the desired height.

The finishing touch involves a round of sl sts and seamlessly sewing in a zipper, ensuring a polished and professional look. For visual learners, Hobbii provides a helpful video tutorial demonstrating how to flawlessly integrate the zipper, making this chic makeup bag an accessible and stylish addition to your travel essentials.


Stand & Work Bag by Pookie Doodle, see the full pattern here

For the crochet enthusiast always on the move, Pookie Doodle's Stand-and-Crochet Bag emerges as a game-changer. This versatile bag, designed with the traveler in mind, allows you to stand and create, ensuring that your creative spirit remains unhindered wherever your adventures take you. The pattern, featuring basic stitches, welcomes crafters of all levels, making it a beginner-friendly project. The crafting journey unfolds by first working the handles, followed by seamlessly building up the body in the round, and finishing off with a sturdy bottom.

This pattern also has a very comprehensive approach—with lots of pictures, YouTube videos, along with the written pattern! Elevate your crochet experience with this on-the-go companion that harmonizes practicality with creativity.


Beach Destination:

☀️ 🏝️ As the sun kisses the shoreline, it's time to infuse your beach destination with the warmth of handmade creations. In this section, we explore a world of crochet patterns tailored for your seaside adventures. From breezy cover-ups that dance with the ocean breeze to stylish accessories that seamlessly transition from sand to boardwalk, these patterns promise to elevate your beach ensemble.

Join me in embracing the rhythmic sounds of the waves and the feel of sand beneath your toes as we delve into a collection of patterns designed to make your beach getaway not only sun-soaked but also uniquely fashionable!


Bucket Hat by Cactus Lady Creation, see the full pattern video here

Begin your beach adventure in style with the Bucket Hat, a charming pattern crafted by yours truly. Utilizing vibrant 8/8 cotton rainbow yarn, this hat not only adds a pop of color to your ensemble but also ensures your head stays comfortably cool. The pattern, boasting simplicity and speed, involves creating five granny squares artfully seamed together. A few rounds at the bottom elegantly finish off the hat, making it an ideal project for beginners, with the added bonus of a quick completion time of about 2 hours. For visual learners, my full video tutorial is conveniently provided below, ensuring that every stitch is a breeze.

Embrace sun-kissed style with this delightful bucket hat, a perfect companion for your beach escapades!


Solana Case by Day's Crochet & Knit, see the full pattern here.

Elevate the safety of your sunglasses with the Solana Sunglass Case by Day’s Crochet and Knit, a pattern that seamlessly blends chic style with practicality. Embracing the unique Woven Twill Stitch, this case stands out with its intricate texture. The crafting process introduces special stitches, including the half double spike and an invisible join, adding an extra layer of detail to the project.

Measuring a stylish 18 by 9.5 cm or 7 by 3.75 inches, this case is meticulously made in rows, creating a single piece that is then deftly folded and joined to complete the design.

Also the inclusion of helpful pictures and a YouTube video tutorial ensures that crafters, regardless of experience level, can confidently create this fashionable accessory. 


Strawberry Blossom Glasses Chain by High Level Bandanas, see the full pattern here.  

Combine functionality with a touch of whimsy by crafting the Strawberry Blossom Glasses Chain designed by High Level Bandanas. This fancy accessory not only keeps your sunglasses secure but also adds a delightful flair to your beach ensemble. The crafting process involves creating the strap and skillfully incorporating strawberries and blossoms, all effortlessly coming together to form a charming glasses chain.

Attach some eyeglass chain ends for a polished finish, ensuring your shades are always within arm's reach. What makes this project even more delightful is its frugal use of yarn, making it a perfect opportunity to use up those cherished yarn scraps!


Keychain Wristlet by Banana Moon Studio, see the full pattern here

Never misplace your keys again with the Crochet Wristlet Trio pattern by Banana Moon Studio. This versatile collection includes three unique patterns, offering a stylish solution to keep your essentials close at hand. The crafting journey introduces special stitches like the star stitch and linked double treble, adding an extra layer of intricacy to your creations.

I also appreciated how they added the option to elevate your piece by seamlessly incorporating fabric and finishing it off with a metal keyring. The polished and refined look achieved with the combination of crochet and fabric makes these wristlets not just functional but also a delightful accessory!


Evil Eye Beach Bag by Handy Little Me, see the full pattern here

Embrace both style and functionality with the Greek-inspired Large Beach Bag by Handy Little Me. This spacious creation, measuring a generous 20.5 inches in diameter with 9.5-inch handles, is designed to effortlessly carry all your beach essentials.

Sturdy and reliable, this bag becomes an indispensable companion for your seaside adventures. The crafting process unfolds seamlessly, involving the creation of round panels, followed by the body and side panels, culminating in the attachment of the chic bag handles. With a manageable time investment of approximately 1 day, 3 hours, and 30 minutes, this pattern, utilizing basic stitches, is not only stylish but also beginner-friendly!


Market Bag by Delia Creates, see the full pattern here

Embark on a sustainable shopping journey with Delia Creates' Market Mesh Bag—a pattern that seamlessly blends functionality with eco-chic style. This mesh bag, designed with practicality in mind, becomes the ideal companion for spontaneous purchases along the way.

Measuring a spacious 14 inches tall by 17 inches wide, with 12-inch handles, this bag is not only roomy but also showcases a delightful rustic charm. The use of jute yarn adds a touch of earthiness to the piece, making it a bit rougher on the hands. To combat any discomfort, consider using bandages or fingerless craft gloves to prevent rope burn. Crafting this eco-friendly accessory involves creating the bottom, followed by the body, and then the sturdy straps.

With the aid of lots of pictures and a helpful video tutorial, this project becomes accessible even for beginners. Although working with jute may pose a bit of a challenge, the end result—a robust and stylish mesh bag—makes it entirely worth the effort.


Beach Dress by Mermaid Cat Design, see the full pattern here

Wrap yourself in the free-spirited charm of Mermaid Cat Designs' Beach Dress—a 70s-inspired boho masterpiece that effortlessly transitions from sand to shore. This intermediate-level pattern offers a timeless and size-inclusive design, ranging from S to XL, ensuring a perfect fit for every beachgoer.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this dress becomes a stylish and unique cover-up for your swimwear. With the scarcity of high-quality beach cover-ups in mind, why not embrace the joy of crafting your own? Although this piece leans towards intermediate-level difficulty, the end result is undeniably worth the effort!


Moonbeam Beach Hat by Jenny & Teddy, see the full pattern here

Bask in the sun with the Sun-Kissed Elegance of Jenny and Teddy's Raffia Beach Hat—a crochet pattern that effortlessly marries style and functionality. This delightful creation showcases the intricate shell stitch, adding a touch of sophistication to your beach ensemble. Crafted with raffia yarn, this hat not only provides a stylish shield from the sun but also breathes an air of natural elegance.

The crafting process, worked in rounds, involves creating the top, seamlessly transitioning to the sides, and gracefully forming the brim. With its apparent beginner-friendly nature and a quick completion time, this pattern becomes the perfect project for those looking to add a handmade touch to their beach accessories.


Digital Nomad:

In the ever-evolving world of digital nomadism, where flexibility and creativity intersect, crochet becomes more than just a craft—it becomes a companion on the journey. Whether you find yourself at a bustling co-working space, under the shade of a palm tree, or nestled in the corner of a quaint cafe, these crochet patterns are designed for those who carry their creativity with them wherever they go.

In this section, I will share a collection of patterns tailored for the digital nomad lifestyle—from laptop cases to camera straps, these designs are creative expressions of your individuality and practical!


Ruler Camera Strap by Molla Mills, see the pattern here

Elevate your photography gear with Molly Mills' Ruler Camera Strap—an eye-catching accessory that seamlessly blends creativity with functionality. Crafted using the tapestry method by the row back and forth, this intermediate-level pattern offers a unique design for those seeking a camera strap beyond the ordinary.

With a completed size of 110 cm by 5 cm, this strap becomes a stylish yet practical addition to your digital nomad essentials. Molla Mills goes the extra mile by providing grid-based symbol charts alongside the pattern, ensuring a smooth crafting journey for photographers and crochet enthusiasts alike. 


AirPods Holder by Little World of Whimsy, see the full pattern here.

Add a touch of whimsy and practicality to your digital nomad essentials with this Mini Tote Cozy by Little World of Whimsy—an enchanting accessory designed for your AirPods or headphones. Crafted from the bottom up in continuous spiral rounds, this cozy emanates simplicity and charm.

With a finished size of 3 inches or 8 cm tall by 2 inches or 5.5 cm wide, it provides snug accommodation for your audio companions. The crafting process, with its repetitive nature, makes it an ideal project for on-the-go creation—perfect for crafting while watching a show or during your travels. 


Leaf Sprout Cable Organizer by Zero Crafts, see the full pattern here.  

Bid farewell to the perpetual dance of tangled cords with Zero Crafts' Leaf Sprout Cable Organizer—a charming solution to keep your cables in check. This quick and easy project, featured in a helpful YouTube tutorial, invites even beginners to embark on a journey of cable organization.

Crafted with simplicity in mind, this organizer can be completed in about 20 minutes, offering a swift yet satisfying solution to cable chaos. The leafy design adds a touch of nature to your tech accessories, making it not just functional but also a delightful gift for the plant lover in your life.

Furthermore, with its minimal yarn requirements, it becomes a perfect project to transform those scrap yarns into practical and thoughtful creations!


Phone Harness by Spotted Horse Design Co, see the full pattern here

Experience the freedom of a hands-free lifestyle with Spotted Horse Design's Tapestry Phone Case—an exquisite accessory designed for the on-the-go digital nomad. With a size of 6 inches in length by 3.75 inches in width, this case perfectly accommodates your iPhone 13 or 14 pro max, and even leaves room for essentials like chapstick or cash. The intricate tapestry method, showcased in this intermediate-level pattern, adds a layer of sophistication to your tech gear.

Spotted Horse Design goes the extra mile by providing a convenient grid chart, ensuring that even those new to the tapestry technique can confidently embark on this creative journey. With its functional design and versatility, this phone case becomes an indispensable companion for those who prefer to travel light, freeing up your hands for more important adventures.


Computer Sleeve by Maria Magnusson Olsson, see the full pattern here

Elevate the safety and style of your digital companion with Maria Magnusson Olsson's Custom-Fit Laptop Sleeve—a versatile pattern that not only provides a snug and protective casing but also allows you to tailor it to the exact dimensions of your device. This pattern goes beyond a one-size-fits-all approach, offering a tutorial on measuring the circumference of your laptop's width and depth. Additionally, a short tutorial on working Tunisian crochet in the round ensures a seamless and professional finish.

The beauty of this pattern lies in its adaptability—you can craft sleeves for your phone, tablet, or any device you fancy, thanks to the customization options. Ensure your tech travels in personalized comfort and security with this customizable laptop sleeve pattern!


And that's my collection of 25 crochet patterns for travelers and digital nomads! I hope you found inspiration for your own projects. If you enjoyed this collection, don't forget to share your favorite pattern in the comments below—I'd love to hear from you!

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🎉💕Thanks for stitching along, and I look forward to crafting with you in the next one. Happy Crocheing and Bon Voyage!








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