How to create a Nature Branch Weaving

How to create a Nature Branch Weaving

Morning walks are such an important part of my daily practice. For me, it is the time that I put the phone away, and try to soak in as much sunlight and oxygen as possible before starting the day. As soon as the day gets started it can seem to fly by and especially now with it being Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere.

With each day, the sun is setting earlier and the days are getting darker. In order to not go spiraling into a vortex of seasonal sadness, I find nature crafts very grounding. Especially crafts inspired by the trees, since they shed lovely leaves, pine cones, and branches after rainstorms during this time of year.

This was the inspiration for the nature branch weaving, while taking a morning walk I saw an inspiring branch and thought it would be great to weave on.



There were several twigs and pine cones as well surrounding the branch, so I decided to incorporate them all in this nature weaving. I view nature weavings as a way of visual storytelling, thereby telling the tale of the season and allowing the surrounding environment to effect my color palette.

Since I am currently in the Blackland Praries of Dallas, TX, the autumn here is very mild and the surrounding hues are greens, browns, cream clear skies and brownish oranges, so this had an affect on the yarns and dried flowers I explored in this piece.

If you are searching for inspiration for your nature weaving, I would say try incorporating the seasons and surrounding colors in your weaving. One thing I love about trees is the mystery they possess, and in forests or parks where they have been left alone to thrive, their lives far surpass that of our human lifespan.

What a beautiful thought it is to imagine that this branch weaving you are creating may be made with materials far older than you, and perhaps this simple branch is serving as a snapshot for origins that go way back, a memory of the tree.






  • Branch
  • Twigs
  • Pine Cones
  • Beads
  • Dried Flowers Yarn (plant based fibers) of various textures and colors
  • Hot Glue Gun



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