Solar Eclipse Inspired Crochet Patterns | Celestial, Earth, Moon and Solar

Solar Eclipse Inspired Crochet Patterns | Celestial, Earth, Moon and Solar

🌞 On April 8th there is a really big celestial phenomenon happening here in the United States, which is the Great American Solar Eclipse. Currently I am in my hometown of Dallas which is smack dab in the middle of the action which is really exciting.

📍Where I am there will be over 3 minutes of totality which is pretty exciting, and the next one over America doesn’t happen for another 20 years and the next one won’t happen in north Texas again for 375 years according to astronomers with Carnegie Observatories so this is truly remarkable. 

🌚 I even already have my glasses that just came today to watch it and a filter for my camera lens, so that I can hopefully capture some cool footage and if I do I will definitely be sharing that here with you all for sure hopefully if it is not cloudy. 

🌎 So to celebrate this amazing celestial event I will be sharing 15 crochet patterns to make to celebrate and comemorate the Solar Eclipse. So all of these patterns will have a moon, sun and/or Earth theme because the moon will be passing between the Sun and Earth and casting its shadow on us.

✨I will be separating all of these patterns into 4 different categories: Home Decor, Granny Squares, Accessories, and Appliqué. As always, you can find all of the exact links to all of these patterns below. 






Home Decor: 


Solarium Throw by Yarnspirations, see the pattern here

First is the Solarium Throw by Yarnspirations. This throw measures about 45.5 inches or 115.5 cm by 54 inches or 137 cm, and each square is about 8.5 inches or 21.5 cm wide. It is a beginner friendly pattern as you only need to know basic stitches. I love the solar theme with this one.

It takes 30 square to create this piece. This one has a helpful diagram as well and is available on the Yarnspirations website. 


Sun & Shadows Afghan by Lion Brand, see the pattern here

If you want to make another blanket you could make this Sun and Shadows Afghan by Lion Brand. It’s also a beginner level and the only special stitches are the sc in blo and sc3tog. It takes 42 squares to make that are worked separately and then are sewn together. Each square measures about 7 inches or 18 cm and the complete blanket is 44 inches by 51 inches or 112 cm by 129.5 cm. 

Even though this one is a bigger project it would work up quite quickly because it uses bulky yarn. This one has a more abstract design as well so it would easily go with a lot of different style designs. 


Sun & Moon Mosaic Pillow by Sixel Design, see the full pattern here

Another great one to make would be this Sun and Moon Mosaic Pillow by Sixel Design. This pattern is more advanced as it uses the overlay mosaic technique. This pattern has a large format chart that is broken into 6 easy to read sections in it so it is very well written, and it includes instructions on how to make the pillow, but you could also use this pattern to make a variety of things like placemats, wall hangings, bags, blankets and more. 

So with this being a mosaic crochet pattern it is good to keep in mind that it is chart based and not written row by row, but they have included links to video tutorials teaching how to read this kind of pattern to help with creating it. 


Solar Eclipse Blanket by Grandma's Niche, see the full pattern here

Another blanket that I would love to make is this Solar Eclipse Blanket by Grandmas Niche. This piece is a corner 2 corner pattern design but this one also has cross stitch instructions as well. The blanket is 67.5 inches by 54 inches, and is 90 squares wide by 72 square high. It’s also good to have in mind that there are no written counts but the pattern also has a lot of pictures to guide you as well as an explanation on how to read the charts. 


Crochet Moon Phases by Crochet Bits, see the full pattern here

Make the Crochet Moon Phases by Crochet Bits. This pattern includes the the new moon, waning crescent, waning gibbous, full moon, waxing gibbous, waxing crescent. Each piece measure 7.5 cm or 3 inches. These would be perfect to turn into a mobile of a baby room, or you could use them as coasters or as appliqué. You can check out the YouTube tutorial on their channel. 


Moon Phases Garland by Happy Heart, see the written pattern here

Another great piece to create would be the Moon Phases Garland by Happy Hearts. This one uses the tapestry crochet method to make and it’s good to know how to read a tapestry crochet chart. For this one you need to know how to do the single crochet foundation chain, the foundation chain, chain and single crochet. This one also has a tutorial video and is available on their blog. 


Moon Phase Runner by Danielle Saintson, see the pattern here

Make a Moon Phase Runner like this piece by Danielle Saintson. This piece is 15 inches by 62 inches, it’s an intermediate level in my opinion mainly because you have to use a key to create it, with a lot of counting or you need to be comfortable with reading a chart. It uses the single crochet to create though, so as long as you are comfortable with counting or charts this one would be a really fun one to make. The free pattern is on their Ravelry. 


Granny Squares:

Solar Inspired Granny Square by Crochet Design by SNAIL, see the pattern here

First are these Solar Inspired Granny Squares by Crochet Design by Snail. There are three patterns in total in this pack: the spiral sun, tangled sun and the sun and moon together. The size is about 3.5  by 3.5 inches or 9 by 9 cm, and it uses basic stitches as well as the dc2tog and tr2tog. This pattern has a lot of photos as well as two video tutorials to help with creating it. 


Earth Granny Square by Repeat Crafter Me, see the pattern here

Or make an Earth Granny Square by Repeat Crafter Me. This one is 9 by 9 inches and the earth and the square are both worked in the row and then the Earth is sewn onto the square. And since it’s made in the row the Earth will have a more octagon shape at first then you work a row of sc on the edges to round it out which is very clever.

They have additional tips on how to round it out that are really helpful. I would say this one is definitely more beginner friendly and would also be perfect to make for Earth Month. 


Sun Granny Square by Sun Bits, see the pattern here

Another lovely sun inspired granny square would be this pattern by Crochet Bits. There are two different sizes and It is more intermediate and requires basic stitches as well as the 2dctog, extended single crochet, extended double crochet, and 2 and 3 dc cluster. It is worked in the round and measures 10 cm or 4 inches. This one has helpful pictures for each round as well as some YouTube videos to help with creating it. 



Sun Moon Earrings by Emily Ann, see the pattern here

First are these fun Sun Moon Earrings by Emily Ann. They measure 4 cm wide and are more beginner friendly as they use basic stitches by do require being comfortable with working with smaller size 10 crochet thread as well as blocking the piece and using starch to stiffen and complete the piece. 


Sun and Moon Mini Pouch by Anutha, see the pattern here

Or make these fun Sun and Moon mini pouches by Anutha. It uses basic stitches to make so it’s more beginner friendly, and there is a YouTube video tutorial to walk you through each step for creating this one. This would be perfect to put little items into and would be really quick to work up. 



Crochet Sun by The Crafty Therapist, see the pattern here

First make a Crochet Sun by The Crafty Therapist. The designer who made it said it is a bit more intermediate to make because it is a bit fiddlly while you making it but it only uses basic stitches and so If you are a beginner I would definitely try making it. It measures 2 and 3/4 inches wide and higher. This one has terms in US and UK standard as well as helpful pictures for each step of creating it. 


Little Sunshine by Ambassador Crochet, see the pattern here

Or make this Little Sunshine Sun by Ambassador Crochet. It measures 3 1/4 inches across and is beginner friendly. You mainly need to be comfortable working in the round, and this one works up really quickly so you could easily make a lot of these on eclipse day. 


Solar Eclipse Appliqué by Golden Lucy Crafts, see the pattern here.  

Another appliqué piece that would be great to make is the Solar Eclipse Appliqué pattern by Golden Lucy Crafts. This one has two different designs that would be perfect and quick and easy to whip up on the solar eclipse day, and this is a paid pattern on their Etsy shop. 


✨I hope you enjoyed my list of 15 solar eclipse inspired patterns. If you did let me know in the comments below which was your favorite.

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🧶 Thanks for being here and stitching along with me and I hope you join me in the next one! 








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