50 Coquette & Valentine's Day Granny Squares to Make 🎀❤️

50 Coquette & Valentine's Day Granny Squares to Make 🎀❤️

Valentine’s day is around the corner, or Galentine’s day of course if that’s your thing, and Coquette aesthetic is everywhere right now for sure. So, I will share 25 Valentine’s Day and Coquette style granny square that you can make for love season or really anytime you feel like being extra feminine and flirty. 

I know that I personally have always been kind of neutral about celebrating Valentine’s Day as an adult, I loved it as a kid though of course. I’ve always loved the kitschy sort of vibe that it has. I mean red hearts, little cupids everywhere and phrases like be mine or I’m yours

So I had fun compiling these granny square patterns together for this video, and have separated them into two categories: Coquette and Valentine’s Day. All of the exact links to each pattern can also be found underneath the picture of each granny square below. 


Coquette Granny Squares: 

Coquette Aesthetic is a flirty and feminine aesthetic that has definitely been trending all over lately. If you want to read more about this aesthetic, check out my blog post here. If you love all things lace, delicate textures, with bow accents - you'll definitely appreciate the patterns below! 



Bow Granny Square by Maham, see the full pattern here.  

This pattern includes how to create a basic granny square, how to create the bow, and then how to sew it onto the granny square to finish it off. It also includes instructions on how to make a heart granny squares, and this pattern includes written instructions on their blog and a YouTube video tutorial. 



Granny Square by Pix.Zel, see the full pattern here

This pattern begins with making the bow and then working the granny square around it. There is a detailed tutorial on YouTube as well as a paid pattern available on their ko-fi account.


The Bow Square by Amelia Makes, see the full pattern here.  

This pattern is made all in one piece and makes a 4 inch by 4 inch square. You work the bow section first and then the edges. This one also has a YouTube video tutorial, and it is made using basic stitches so it’s beginner friendly.

Magnolia Square by Kirsten Holloway, see the full pattern here

If you have been around here for a while you know that I love a beautiful, detailed, lacy granny square pattern. This one is called Magnolia and is by Kirsten Holloway Designs. This one is 12 inches when blocked, and is more of an intermediate level design. 



Bow Square by Marilyn Sehn, see the written pattern here

This one has a really lovely raised stitch design of a bow that I believe is made with a popcorn stitch, which gives it some nice stitch definition and texture and the square is measures 9 inch by 9 inches and this one is available as a paid pattern on revelry. 

4 Petal Flower by Crochet Leaf, see the full pattern here

It’s created by working a four corner square in the round and then that loopy edging is added to give it that lacey look with fingering yarn, and this pattern is available for free on their website and measures 4 inches or 10cm across. 


3D Granny Square by Iraamin.TieaKnot, see the full pattern here

If you love cherries you’ll probably like this one, it’s the 3D Cherry Granny Square by Iraamin TiaKnot. It has this really lovely 3D effect by making a puff stitch in round 4. I really love how detailed this square is, and there is a full YouTube video for this pattern which is really helpful if yo like a visual demonstration. 


Cherry Crochet Square by Best Free Crochet, see the full pattern here

Continuing on with more cherry squares here is another one by Best Free Crochet.  For this one you make the granny square first with the ruffle edging and then add on the cherries, stems and leaves as appliqué, and this one is a very simple and easy to follow written pattern on their blog. 


Rose Granny Square by Moara Crochet, see the full pattern here

Feminine flower designs are also very Coquette and here is a lovely rose granny square by Moara Crochet. The flowers have such a great 3D effect and I love the details of how it has that texture of the rose and the green yarn added a leaf effect as well.  It is more intermediate and the special stitch used here is the double crochet cluster stitch. The square measures about 10 cms, and there is also a YouTube video tutorial for this one as well. 

Rose Granny by Crafty Kitty Crochet, see the full pattern here

This granny square is made by working the flower first flat, and then adding the spiraling effect for the middle of the rose and once completed  measures 5.25 inches or 13 cm. 


Sweetheart Square by Draiguna, see the full pattern here

I would say this one is a bit more intermediate or even a bit more advanced as it has quite a few special stitches you need to know like the 2,3,and 4, front post double crochet decrease. Quite a few special cluster stitches including the beginning dc cluster and 3 dc cluster, and 2 fpdc cluster, and the picot and large picot stitch. So this one is very detailed, but it also has a lot of very detailed photos on their blog post. 


Cherry Blossom Square by Kristines Crochet, see the full pattern here.

This one is beginner friendly and pretty simply to create. It creates a nice lacy delicate flower design, and this one has a YouTube video tutorial for it.


Willow Square by Adore Crea Crochet, see the full pattern here

Here is another lacy, flower design! If you make it in a red, pink or cream - it would be even more Coquette and this one also has a YouTube video tutorial that is very easy to follow. 


Valentine's Day Granny Squares:

Valentine's Day is often associated with traditional colors like pinks, reds, and creams, but there's plenty of room for creativity and personalization. Crocheting with non-traditional colors can add a unique twist to your creations while still capturing the essence of the holiday. Hearts, being a timeless symbol of love, can be interpreted in various ways, allowing you to infuse your own style and personality into your crochet projects.

Whether you're a fan of Valentine's Day or not, there's something special about creating handmade items that can be cherished and enjoyed for years to come.


Angel Heart Granny by Be A Crafter, see the full pattern here

This adorable square exudes cupid vibes, featuring a clever construction method that starts with crafting the heart and wings before seamlessly incorporating the rest of the square behind it. It's a delightful project that captures the essence of the Valentine's Day.


Popcorn Heart by Happy Berry, see the pattern here

Why not try your hand at creating a classic Popcorn Heart granny square? With its charmingly puffy texture and simple construction of just four rounds, it's the perfect choice for those seeking a quick yet satisfying make. Utilizing bulky yarn ensures a speedy work-up, making it an ideal last-minute gift option. Plus, the star of the show is the popcorn stitch, adding delightful dimension and character the square, which is 5 dc in the same stitch. 


Heart Granny Square by The Caffeinated Snail, see the full pattern here

Continuing on with heart squares, you could make the Heart Granny Square by The Caffeinated Snail. This one is really interesting because it uses the tapestry crochet method, but in the round to create this graphic heart design. As long as you know how to tapestry crochet you’ll be able to create this one pretty quickly. The square measures 6 inches, and there are a lot of detailed pictures for each step of creating this one on their blog. 


Granny Heart Square by Treasurie, see the full pattern here

You would also make the Heart Square pattern by Treasurie! What's particularly charming about this pattern is its versatility, offering not just one, but two different styles to choose from. Whether you prefer the classic look of granny clusters or the solid simplicity of a traditional granny square heart, there's something for everyone. Both patterns are beginner-friendly and come with detailed step-by-step instructions, making them accessible to crocheters of all skill levels. And for those who are visual learners, fear not—this pattern includes plenty of helpful pictures to guide you through every stitch.



Heart Granny Square by Okie Bling n Things, see the full pattern here

Funnily enough it’s kind of like a similar to the last two heart patterns by Treasurie, but is combined where first you make the solid heart shape in the round then add granny square clusters around it, and this one has a YouTube video to go with it which is helpful. 


Heart Appliqué by Raffamusa Designs, see the pattern here

You could make a Heart Appliqué granny square by Raffamusa Designs. Each letter measure 1.4 inches by 2 inches or 3.5 cm by 5 cm and each letter is worked and then simply sewed on as appliqué to a granny square, and Raffamusa Designs has a lot of lovely Valentine’s Day granny squares available for purchase on their blog, so you should definitely check it out!


Granny Square Heart by Repeat Crafter Me, see the full pattern here

Ready to add a touch of love to your crochet repertoire? Dive into the charming Heart Granny Square pattern by Repeat Crafter Me! This delightful square features a uniquely shaped heart that adds a whimsical touch to any project. What sets this pattern apart is its solid construction, which minimizes gaps and makes it perfect for a variety of applications, from blankets to pillows to bags. Plus, with the helpful resources provided by Repeat Crafter Me, including a YouTube video tutorial and step-by-step pictures on their blog post, crocheters of all levels can easily follow along and create their own heartfelt masterpieces.


Love Granny Square by Raffamusa Designs, see the full pattern here

Or you could make a Crochet Love Granny Square by Raffamusa Designs. Each letter measure 1.4 inches by 2 inches or 3.5 cm by 5 cm and each letter is worked and then simply sewed on as appliqué to a granny square, and Raffamusa Designs has a lot of lovely valentine’s day granny squares available for purchase on their blog, so  would definitely check it out. 

Puff Heart by Love Dotty, see the full pattern here

Here is another Puff Heart Granny Square by Love Dotty. This one is unique because it is a nice Puffy Heart surrounded by granny clusters and a neat border. The only special stitches are the puff stitch and the beg puff stitch, and I love the colors this one is made with, it makes it not specifically for Valentine’s Day but could be used for projects all year long. 


Granny Square Heart by Bella Coco, see the full pattern here

Another great Heart Granny Square is this one by Bella Coco. It is a nice heart design made with cluster stitches and is for sale in their shop, and this one has a crochet chart to go along with it which is really helpful if you like those charts. 

Love Letter Square by Raffamusa Designs, see the full pattern here

Another creative one by Raffamusa Designs is this Love Letter Granny Square. This pattern creates a letter that is about 2.5 by 3.15 inches or 6.4 by 8 cm, which begins by creating that letter and folding and sewing it together, then creating the heart seal and sewing it on the envelope. Next, you crochet the letter and embroider your message on it then sew it all in place and you then sew it onto a granny square, and this one is definitely beginner friendly but you do need to have a bit of confidence with the sewing because there is a bit of sewing with this one. 


Large Heart by Happy Berry, see the full pattern here

You could also make the Large Heart Granny Square by Happy Berry. It says it is intermediate level but as long as you are comfortable with all of the basic stitches as well as the puff stitch which for this project is to yarn over and pull up a loop until you have 7 loops on your hook, you will definitely be able to make this pattern, and this one is free on the Happy Berry Blog. 


More Inspiration:

If you want to check out some projects that are great to make with Granny Squares, you check out my post on 50 Crochet Projects to make with Granny Squares or if you love Granny squares - check out my post 100 FREE Crochet Granny Square Patterns

If you enjoy the Coquette Aesthetic in general, see my blog post exploring this aesthetic with 25 Coquette Aesthetic Crochet Patterns

Well, I hope you enjoyed exploring these delightful Valentine's Day and Coquette Granny Squares with me. If you found inspiration in these patterns, don't forget to show some love by giving this video a like and subscribing to my newsletter and YouTube channel

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Your support means so much to me and I can't wait to share more crochet adventures with you very soon. Until next time, happy Valentine's Day, keep crocheting, and I'll see you in the next one!








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